High Pressure Fire Extinguishing


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Extremely fast extinguishing times by atomization of water.

http://thewarhorsememorial.org/wp-cron.php?doing_wp_cron=1557854209.9729709625244140625000 The Principle

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Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Australia The high-pressure extinguishing process is created by atomizing water. Minute water droplets are generated, resulting in an increased water surface. The cooling effect of the water is very efficient in removing the energy from the fire (energy extraction), whilst the expansion of steam starves the fire of oxygen.

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The Highlights

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  • Low set-up times.
  • Most effective in reducing the energy of the fire by cooling.
  • Suffocation of fires by steam generation.
  • Extremely fast extinguishing times.
  • Minimal water consumption – max. 21 l/min.
  • Avoids water damage and spillage of contaminated water
  • Injection of foam agents is possible if required (standard feature).
  • Minimal space and weight requirements when installed in vehicles.
  • Various drive options (electric, benzene, diesel, PTO).
  • Custom built sets.

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